Friday, August 27, 2010

Biting Pancakes

This was created as my first assignment in my Computer Art and Animation class at school. COOLEST CLASS EVER!!!!!
Basically you're using Adobe Photoshop CS4 the whole time so if you ever wish to try... :D Good luck!
What we were supposed to do was find a normal picture of pancakes and warp it to look like it would bite you back if you tried to eat it.
We found the picture and then uploaded it to photoshop. Then took the smudge tool and stretched it to around the size of a mouth. Taking the mouth of a snakehead, we inserted it into the space and then used the eraser tool (on a low opacity) to allow the color to blend and look a little more natural. Then we smudged again to cause it to look more realistic and then changed the color slightly with another tool that I don't know what it was... Sorry!
We were allowed to add our own touches so I added eyes. Turn it into a jpeg and VIOLA! This picture. I am highly amused by this picture. It looks like a mix of cookie monster and a pirhana...
If I did this one again, I'd redo the eyes. Or at least the eye on the left, I didn't have as much time on that one because the bell was about to ring and I had to finish it up quickly.
I feel like I've written a novel sooo.... Adios!

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