Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Final Project

This is the last partof my class. We were assigned to participate in the RotoBall activity where the ball enters from the left side of the screen and exits on the right. Overall, I really like mine. It's really random and I had a lot of fun making this animation.
I think that it was very sucessful. I got the point (imagination) across as I'd originally imagined and I really like this.
What really worked for me was the knowledge I'd gained in Adobe Flash. I knew how to create a basic animation and went from there. I don't like (and it didn't really work) how you can't really rotate the image left and right as I'd wanted to do to create more dimension.
If I do this project ever agin, I would do the fantasy side of it rather than the sci-fi side of it. Just to give me more of a challenge.
The most difficult thing about this was aligning everything so that it flowed well. Sometimes I'd be working on it and I'd realize that I hadn't gotten rid of certain frames in a spot and I'd have to go back and find where that was and then redo that part of the animation.
I learned how to delete frames while also keeping them there. I guess you could call it making them visible and then invisible so that I could use them whenever it was necessary to.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So we were assigned to create a person or animal walking. I decided that I wanted to try to animate a dragon flying. I had to look up how a bird flies, which took longer than I thought. It was really interesting to see how an animator draws things step by step. I really enjoyed this project. I may just have to try doing this with a Disney character to see how that would work out....
Overall, I think this turned out really well. The Pirates of the Carribean music matched incredibly well. GO KLAUS BADELT! (It's He's a Pirate by Klaus Badelt.) I think it was very sucessful as my first hand-drawn animation project. I love this type of thing!!!
Hand-drawing this is what worked out incredibly well for this project. I hoestly don't think it would'vr turned outa s well if I'd drawn this on the computer. The only thing that didn't work as well was editing the music, but that was because I'd never done editing on audacity before so... idk....
If I do this again, I'm going to try using Disney character. But that's just because I'm obsessed. Hahaha! I would also try to remember to put the sun behind the clouds...
The most difficult part to my was making sure everything went as fast as the dragon was flying and making sure that it was also going the same direction as him so that it doesn't look like he's going backward- which would completely defeat the purpose of him flying.
I learned how to draw movement with characters which was SO COOL!!! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

College Fair!!!

We were assaigned to create a logo for the upcoming college fair! We were given free reign of the project as long as there were no more than 2 colors used and that it could go into only grayscale and still look good.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Disney Design 5

This is my least fave. I didn't like putting the texture infront so it's not very good.
I would turn the opacity waayyyyy down next time.

Disney Design 4

This was the first one I did. I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing with this one so next tim, Ima be planning this out. haha!
I would change the texture in the background to black mickey heads rather than pink.

Disney Design 3

This one is another one of my faves. It turned out really well. I had probs with this one mainly bc i was running out of ideas. haha!
i learned that it's ok to put some layers over others bc they look better than if they remain behind my original thoughts/intensions.

Disney Design 2

This one is the best out of all of them. What worked the best was the style of font I chose and then accented by each aspect of the mandatory designs.
If I had to redo this, I would make the Mickey heads of my texture black rather than hot pink.... not a big fan of that one....