Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Final Project

This is the last partof my class. We were assigned to participate in the RotoBall activity where the ball enters from the left side of the screen and exits on the right. Overall, I really like mine. It's really random and I had a lot of fun making this animation.
I think that it was very sucessful. I got the point (imagination) across as I'd originally imagined and I really like this.
What really worked for me was the knowledge I'd gained in Adobe Flash. I knew how to create a basic animation and went from there. I don't like (and it didn't really work) how you can't really rotate the image left and right as I'd wanted to do to create more dimension.
If I do this project ever agin, I would do the fantasy side of it rather than the sci-fi side of it. Just to give me more of a challenge.
The most difficult thing about this was aligning everything so that it flowed well. Sometimes I'd be working on it and I'd realize that I hadn't gotten rid of certain frames in a spot and I'd have to go back and find where that was and then redo that part of the animation.
I learned how to delete frames while also keeping them there. I guess you could call it making them visible and then invisible so that I could use them whenever it was necessary to.

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